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American Civil Debate

American Civil Debate is a platform for people to share memes and have a witty environment. It helps people create a community and spread laugh all together.

SDS Respiratory Supply

SDS offers affordable delivery of the highest-quality respiratory medical supplies to your home. They provide supplies to people who have short and long-term respiratory conditions.

AP Fit

AP Fit is a fitness website owned by Ashley Palmer and is created to inspire others through fitness and health to become the best version of themselves and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Hotel Budi

Hotel Budi is a platform where users can come and see the hotel for reservations and reserve them from their portal. They also work with properties where users can list their property for selling or rental purposes and the clients can buy or rent the property they like.


Jaydevonchi is a clothing and accessory brand that was founded to bring high-quality, stylish and affordable fashion to customers around the world. They are dedicated to sourcing the best materials and working with skilled craftspeople to create pieces that are not only fashionable but also built to last.

R Zak Nutrition

They are a health and wellness online brand, serving all health-conscious people nationwide with the best value and premium quality health supplements. R Zak Nutrition is absolutely relentless about making the natural health products and supplement industry better.