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Benefits Of Our Web Portal

As a bespoke web portal development company, we build tailor-made web portals to meet your business needs.


B2C Portals

We ensure our web portal development service team creates a high-quality B2C portal. Makes it easy for you to your customer with unique service. It facilitates buyer-seller transactions and communications between a business and consumers or other businesses.


B2B Portals

It allows you to boost sales and reduce costs. Our experienced development team delivers a competent and efficient B2B portal to attract buyers and sellers with the right tools to carry your business transactions smoothly. Our B2B web portal development service will operate as admin of customer service.


Educational Portals

Our developed bespoke web portal development will impact the students' learning process by fostering efficiency and collaboration between professors and students. It allows teachers to quickly course information online and respond to student questions efficiently.


Job Portals

Job portals assist you in creating a portal for job seekers into the real world. Both employees and employers make the most of our job web portal creation. Our web portal experts provide solutions to make the recruitment process more efficient.

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Boost Customer

At Bitz Digital, we help businesses reach new efficiency standards by boosting customer engagement with our web portal development services to share information between internal stakeholders.

How Our Magic How Our Magic



The first step of our work process is that clients let us know their requirements and details of their business. Once we get the order, our team gets in touch with the client to discuss the project furthermore.



Our team brainstorm and strategize the project thoroughly to avoid any issue or mistake in the project. After a thorough discussion with the client, we identify the goals and come up with a strategy.



Our experts implement a content management system that helps the brand stand out. It involves enhancing the content with different themes, tones for blogs, or information on your website.

Rebrand Your Business With The Right Features


Homepage Features

It is the most important feature on your portal. The exclusive design and information will decide whether the buyer will explore the rest of the portal or not.


Ease of Information Access

You can have an accordion design to reduce information overload on your page. It allows you to induce a button to click to show or hide the content.


Internal Search

Findability is critical for portals as their purpose is to provide information quickly and easily. It allows you to make improvements in adding best bets.


Push Notifications

Notices are a great way to get users important information, such as new forms to fill out or payments to be made.



It enables you to request the user content to, agree to, or acknowledge a message. You can order their consent to your new terms and policies.


Personalization And Customization

The portal experience and the content provided needs to be relevant to attract continual usage. Personalization and customization features will help.